Bodhràn (pronounced bow-rawn).


There's many etymology, one of the wildely admitted is from the Gaeilge bodhar, that means deaf or deaf sound, but too haunting, because it was originally a skin tray used for drawing the turf on the bogs before to become a musical intrument. And of course, bogs are always haunted...

This instrument is traditional in Ireland from the 15 th century. It's a one side drum, made from boatskin over a circular wooden frame. Bodhràn is played with a 'tipper' or a 'beater' in wood, tone is varied by the hand pressing against the back of the skin.

The person who plays Bodhràn is called sometimes Bodhranist, more used is just Bodhràn player.

John Joe Kelly and an interesting lesson

I think the best Bodhran Player of the world. Michael Rodgers (Tory of course...) is very good too.

John Joe Kelly Solo Irish Fest 2004

A guy interesting on YouTube


A good website about Bodhràn

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