Eerie Song

The king gave me this song one night, he explained that is song is an important one for Tory Island. Of course it's a tribute to the island and its way of life...

When I lie down at night
I think of the fish
When I rise in the morning
I rush to the cliff
The birds give me enjoyment
As they sit in the mouths of the holes
And the whale at the Tor Dearg
Throwing herring over its back

I think of the net
And the boat containing it
I think of the oars
And of their strokes in the sea
I think of the rain
And of the strength of the wind
And how I often hung the rudder
And the helm on her stern

When I sit by the fire
I think of the time
When I and my little currach
Were out on the wave top
With nothing between me and eternity
But the thin tarred cloth
Working the wind and the sea
Amongst the birds of the cliffs

How nice are the scales
Shining on our shoes
And it was easier to throw them back
Than to sell them often

But we must cross the sound
In fair weather or foul with them
Where the buyer will welcome us
And we'll have a bottle of black stout

Now I am old
And becoming sick and weary
I never expect to recover
Until I am laid in the graveyard
I thank the god of Glory
How I spent my time
on a rock in the middle of the Ocean
Amongst the birds of the cliffs.