An Fál Carrach, meaning The Scabby Fence, An (the) Fál (Wall) Carrach (Stone) Stone Wall / Boundary.


Falcarragh is a little city of Donegal. It's surely a very intersting place in general, but about Tory Island it's a very important place.

'There was a rumour that there were envoys from Donegal County Copuncil trying to banish the people from the mainland. No soonerhad I reached Tory that I realised they xere no rumours at all. The county Council had intended to re-locate all the people of Tory Island in Falcarragh. It wasn't worth developing the island, this is that was said.'

Father Diarmuid O'Peicin, Tory Island, The Island That wouldn't go to Sleep,2004.

That was in the late 70's, after the huge strom of 1974, when Tory stayed in a complete autarchy for about 8 weeks. There were no any possibilities to join the mainland or to send help. People ate eggs and milk. Nobody died or been injuried, but it was a very big fear, a kind of nightmare. The mythical Blasket islanders leaved their island for same reasons, this weather full of danger around a remote place.

The decision to evacuate Tory and build houses for islanders in Falcarragh came at this moment. Some islanders accepted to leave, they are living in Falcarragh now, and nobody can say anything against them. The legend want that in this city, there's only one subject of conversation: Tory island, of course.

--Saskia Levy 15:30, 15 November 2008 (UTC)