Tourism is a highely developed economy in Ireland for many reasons as astonishing landscapes, a real culture of music and entertainment, for fishing and horse riding, a huge cultural heritage presented in Museums, exhibitions... Tourism on Tory Island is very important too, especially during the summer time, when the xeather is not too rough.


Between 6000 et 10 000 visitors each year during few months: June, July, August, September. Some very busy days, the ferry can come with almost one hundred persons. There's one hundred and fivety persons living on Tory... There's one hotel and Four bed and breakfast running a non stop service for four month.


Birdwatching is one of the most important touristical activity on Tory Island. Many rare species (as Corncrake) can still be seen in their natural environement on Tory Island. The quietness of the island allows those specialists to observe, take pictures of those birds impossible to see in the same conditions somewhere else.

The natural setting of Tory allows excellent conditions for Diving. The Dive center receives each year many fans of this sport.

Music, calls of course musicians, music lovers...

The strength of Galeige, irish culture and celtic heritage (The king, monuments and places related to celtic civilisation...) is an unique opportunity for students or simply people who needs to practice their Irish.

And , the last, but not least at all. Painting, the Art GAllery and the legend of the Tory School is a very important attraction, and for good reasons. The very special scenery is a source of inspiration for both amateur and professional artists.